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Security is the need of the hour. With crime on a rise, it is essential that you keep your residential or commercial space safe at all times. However, emergencies don’t come with an invitation, they come unannounced. For instance, have you ever experienced a situation where you’re running late for work and realize the key is broken in the lock? Been locked in the car? Hence, it is imperative to save a good, reliable locksmith service’s number on your phone. Who better to serve your emergency lock & key needs than Manton RI Locksmith Store!

Manton RI Locksmith Store started as a locksmith service provider in Manton, RI and discovered that while a range of locksmiths offered their services, there were very few of them that offered services all the time, 24/7, 365 days of the year. A missing key or a broken lock can be very annoying to deal with on a simple good day.  This is exactly when Manton RI Locksmith Store comes to your rescue to save the precious minutes you are wasting over the lock and key systems in your premises.  What is required is an emergency locksmith who responds to your calls at once and not someone who comes over a day after your call.

What's Our USP?

Manton RI Locksmith Store, Manton, RI 401-315-499324/7 Expert Staff 

Our skilled local locksmiths are on standby at all times, 24/7. Whether you have lost your key or you need to rekey your locks, have a broken lock or need an upgrade of your locking system, the experts arrive literally at the time of your call and yes, they are available on weekends, on holidays, even Christmas!
Mobile Locksmith Division

Manton RI Locksmith Store owns the biggest fleet of mobile locksmith vans in Manton, RI. This provision allows our technicians and engineers to speed up to the site and arrive at a quick resolution of your locking issue. The mobile vans are stocked up with the latest gadgets and tools to solve and find a solution to any locking problem with great finesse. Time, distance and the neighborhood do not bother us. We reach on time, always!

At Your Service

Lockout Resolution

At any point of time, whether you need us for a residential, commercial or automobile lockout, we will be there. We are also available for door unlocks and trunk unlocks. Our teams will come over, examine the issue and provide a swift resolution to help you regain access to your property or vehicle. 
Knowledge about Keys 

Our team comprises of skilled locksmiths who have profound expertise in tackling various key-related issues. Our key experts help with duplicating high security keys, key cutting, crafting new keys, spare key creation and more 

Fast Repairs

We, at Manton RI Locksmith Store, differentiate our service with the crucial variables of time and speed. Hence, whether your issue involves broken locks, non-responsive locking mechanisms, damaged push bars or dysfunctional ignitions; our forte is to provide an inexpensive and efficient solution for all your locking woes.

Emergency Lock Replacement

It is time to say goodbye to obsolete and rusted locks and upgrade your locks to strengthen your sanctuary’s security level. We also introduce our clients to advanced locking range available in the market to suit their purposes. 

Protection First 

Security is a strong worry these days and the smallest security lapse could be the leeway to crime! Our crew is available 24/7 to address your concerns and can rekey your locks, repair broken locks, and strengthen prevailing security setup with high-security locks.

Choose Manton RI Locksmith Store for all your locks and key problems. While our team of local locksmiths is efficient at offering 24-hour locksmith solutions they also make sure that the services are reasonably priced to make emergency locksmith services an accessible and viable option to the Manton, RI community. Give us a call today!